Preparing for Evalt Work Meeting in Spain

From 6 to 10 of May 2013, the Evalt team will meet in Spain, region of Guadalajara-Castilla La Mancha, for the 5th work meeting. During this period the participants will attend in Guadalajara the Provincial Seminar about women and employment, in Molina de Aragon the workshop on theatre and dancing held by the Portuguese association Contempla Trilhos (coordinator of the project) and in Tartanedo the workshop on creative writing held by Fepamuc-Guadalajara (host of the meeting).

To prepare for the travel, here some shots of the beautiful places.

 Guadalajara - The Municipality Hall


 Molina de Aragon

 Molina de Aragon - The Castle


Obviously we cannot miss Madrid, the capital, where we will land and from we will fly off.

Madrid - Plaza Mayor

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  1. wonderful country... super TEAM of EVALT... 2013-05-04 - 05-10 :-) Good luck for ALL!